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DOWNLOAD: FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor APK

FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor APK

FilmoraGo is a comprehensive video editing app which allows you to create brilliant compositions using any clip from your device's memory. Of course, besides video you can also add photos to your projects.

The main strength of FilmoraGo is how easy it is to work with. On each side of the screen you have all the tools you could need, such as adding transitions, inserting music tracks, applying visual themes, and more. In the middle of the screen you can see the project preview, and at the bottom are your time controls.

Once you've finished working with your video, all you have to do is save and export the output. The un-watermarked video is then saved to your Android's memory, or alternatively, you can share it straight to any social network. 

FilmoraGo is a powerful video editor for creating spectacular projects using your own video clips and pictures, all in a matter of seconds. A great editor that's accessible for everybody.

Version: v3.1.1
Size: 35.0 MB


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DOWNLOAD: FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor APK DOWNLOAD: FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor APK Reviewed by JARM is Life on July 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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