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Download KingRoot APK for Android

King Root Download: Rooting is something which only some of the Android users will be always enthusiastic about. But from the past few years, even common users are realizing the benefits of rooting. We can make our Android really personal by designing it the way we want to with rooting Android. One click Root apps are a best way of rooting easily for beginners. King Root is the perfect one click root app with a lot of features. Learn how to download King Root APK.

Download KingRoot APK for Android

You must also know that rooting your Android phone may result in no software updates. But as many people are using their smartphones just for fun, rooting is the best way to get more in less time. The App has 3 basic functions – Root, Unroot and Execute scripts. When you choose to root the mobile, King Root program will search for any available exploits in our OS. This is achieved by running a series of already pre installed scripts which are cross checked with the ones in our mobile. Mobile will be rooted within seconds if any known exploit is found. If your phone software is of high security, you may face initial issues while rooting.
You can also unroot the phone with a simple click. Once you get into a exploit, you can execute custom scripts that be run from Super User (SU). Alternatively you can install SuperSU app and know what sudo permissions your exploit gave. Here are King Root download links with features for each Operating system. You can select your required OS and click the button to go to download page.

Download KingRoot APK for Android

Rooting is only suitable for Android operating system as it is the only open software. You can jailbreak iPhones but you can’t get the super user permissions for the core OS. But with Android, you can manipulate the OS to get sudo permissions and make the software do wonders. The best function is that it will potentially increase the speed and performance of the mobile. So, download King Root APK latest version for Android and install it to root your mobile. You can start using root apps after rooting your mobile with King Root.

King Root APK v6.0.1 is compatible with Android 4.0, 5.0 (Lollypop), 6.0 (Marshmallow), 6.1 and higher.
App Name: King Root
File name: kingroot.apk
Language: English
Size: 20.43 MB
Type: Tools
Version: 6.0.1
Operating system: Android
Requires: Android 4.0 and higher

Installation Guide

  1. First, download King Root APK file latest version from above. If required, download an older version if your Android mobile doesn’t support the latest version.
  2. After downloading, we have to change some security settings as Google blocks external installations by default.
  3. To do this, go to Menu>Security. Here, look for option ‘Allow app installations from unknown sources’. Enable the option and open the APK file to start installing.


  • One click root within minutes.
  • Install root apps directly on mobile.
  • Safe and secure rooting process.
Download KingRoot APK for Android Download KingRoot APK for Android Reviewed by JARM is Life on March 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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