Root your BlueStacks using Tweaker 3.


- General information about BlueStacks // path to the folder of the program, version, image size disks (* .vdi), running services
- Start / Stop / Forced stop all processes / services / drivers // helps with infinite load
- Obtaining Root // su binary is taken from superuser_X_PRO_vX-48.apk
- Disable the Window of Purchase and One Time Setup
- Change IMEI / Subscriber ID / Sim Card Serial / Wifi MAC address / Android ID // After applying the patch. The change is only in HDPlus mode - after launching BlueStacks verify that run the service BstHdPlusAndroidSvc and BstkDrv, instead BstHdAndroidSvc and BstHdDrv
- Change the model of phone // As a base used phones provided by the developers of the files with the models and operators by country
- Change the Google Advertising ID // advertising ID by Google
- Changing the internal resolution BlueStacks // External resolution is edited by regular means BlueStacks menu Preferences

- Change DPI // Screen Density
- Changing the RAM // Maximum - 4096MB or 1/2 of installed RAM (smaller of the values)
- Copying files / cache on your computer to BlueStacks and back. // Direct copying to / from BlueStacks directly into the appropriate folder (similar to copying through TotalCommander with adb-plugin, but must be copied much faster).
- Reduction of data folders to the real size. // Compressed .vdi image to the actual size, which is occupied by the installed applications
- Work in several profiles. // The ability to create multiple copies of BlueStacks with a different set of programs. Only one copy can run.
- Deleting the preset shortcuts from the desktop of BlueStacks
- Total stop BstHdLogRotatorSvc service
- Deleting the banner (BS 2.6.100)
- Disable the Window "Sign in with Google"
- Backup/Restore GUID/phone/resolution
- Factory reset
- Change size of Internal Storage and SDCard
- Disable Promo

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