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GOOGLE CHROME Trick that many people don't know.

Google Chrome is the most trusted search engine in the whole world and it is still the most secure cloud storage in history. Chrome is very friendly user, it is also a high-speed search engine.

Google Chrome is in the watch-list of every hackers because of all the content in its database. Hackers are aiming to get all information of all the users who are regularly using the chrome. The hackers can get some information like credit card numbers, paypal accounts, facebook accounts, and many more.


-Use simple trick


-Incognito is the famous browser all over the world. Many people are using the incognito because of its ability to prevent the recording of any history as well as the password of any users. When the user close the Incognito, all the information will be deleted automatically. 

How to use INCOGNITO?

-Go to the right side of Chrome
-Click the button
-Choose New Incognito Window

What is INCOGNITO looks like?

-The Background Incognito turns into black.
-You will see the "YOU'VE GONE INCOGNITO" at the center of the browser.


-Always use INCOGNITO mode when browsing in any website to prevent any hacking of any of your accounts in any social media websites.

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