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2017 - Top 10 Most Wanted People in The World

       Crime is everywhere we turn. It does not matter what country we live in or where we are visiting, the place can be somewhere even with a low crime rate but there will still be some sort of crime going on. Whether is be drug distribution, rape, or theft no matter what there is always going to be an issue with people doing things that are bad. The only way to fully stop it is if the authorities are capable of catching the criminal and putting them in jail.

      These are the Top 10 Most Wanted People in The World 2017. Many people do not realize just how many criminals are walking the street today and they could be walking right on past them without ever realizing it is the person they just seen the picture of posted to a bulletin board outside of the grocery store. It is always best to report a finding to the authorities that way we can get these awful people behind bars where they all belong so be sure that you keep an eye open at all times so that if you notice the person you can turn it into the proper authorities right then.

1. Joaquin Guzman

The most wanted his the man and he is known as Shorty. He is the leader of an international organization in Sinaloa Cartel. They deal with drug trafficking. He deals with other things like kidnappings and targeted killings. He also deals with extorting. In two thousand and three he was the best drug dealer in Mexico. He is said to more powerful and does a lot worse than he ever has before.

2. Matteo Messina Denaro

He is linked to the mafia clan that took over Cosa Nostra after a big bust on a lot of his enemies in the country of Italy. There is also a comic book that is Italian based and they have a character that is based on the guy too. For over twenty years this guy has been running and officers have still not found him today. That makes him still on the most wanted list because of how long he has been on the run.

3. Dawood Ibrahim

The Indian crome networks leader is this man. He has been said to have killed and kidnapped people plus he is a drug dealer. People think he was involved with al-Qaeda so that does not help him any. If you look up the name you will see that he looks like a criminal and needs to be caught. If you know where this man is then you need to tell someone so they can get him off the streets and help everyone who needs it.

4. Semion Mogilevich

The guy listed here is suppose to be the Mafia Boss for all of the Russian Mafia mobs that is located all over the world. That makes him a pretty well known and high up man in the organizations. He is said to be the most dangerous out of all the criminals in the world too.

5. Joseph Kony

If you have heard of the resistance army in Uganda then you will know this man is the leader of it all. The group has been done so many things such as severe crimes. They have abducted children and they have war crimes on their hands. In nineteen eighty six they committed more crimes and they did this is Sudan and Congo. This man is still in hiding and will be caught eventually or he will die before they catch him. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Wanted People in The World 2017.

6. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov

This man is involved in the Russian Mob and he is on the wanted list because of all the organized crime activity that he is involved in. There is the ammunition sales that is illegal, trafficking drugs and distributing them as well. He is also involved in trafficking stolen vehicles illegally. Doing the things that he does is not only against the law but also very bad.

7. James Bulger

This man also known as Whitey. He is said to have had part in the Boston crimes. The Boston Crime network included drugs and murders. It is said that he has committed over nineteen murders and is involved in a murder conspiracy. He has been on the run for over thirty years and he keeps away from the police very well. They think he owns wealth worth eighteen million pounds. He is part of other crimes that are not included in the money laundering and the murdering.

8. Felicien Kabuga

This man is believed to be hiding in Kenya. He is said to be included in the deaths of eight hundred thousand people in Rwanda. The hundred days of terror was what killed all of these innocent people and if he helped he will be in a lot of trouble. He is said to have been a extremist genocide. The crimes he caused against humanity will just be a small part of what he has done and he will be in trouble for both.

9. Omid Tahvili

He was in prison in two thousand and seven but he escaped and has been on the run ever since. He is in hiding and will stay that way till he is caught and taken in. he is said to be in Canada. A leader of Persian crime group. He has laundered money and stolen from the U.S. He will be found and then he will get what he deserves. His crime will not go unseen. He has been on the run for almost a whole decade.

10. Ayman al Zawahiri

This man is wanted because they think he was involved in the nine eleven attack. He is said to be bin Laden’s deputy. If he was involved then this means he will go down just like Bin Laden did if he is ever found. Eventually he will be found and taken down or put behind bars to sit and wait till he dies off like all the others. When nine eleven happened it killed a lot of people and damaged a lot of buildings. If he was involved he should suffer just like the people did in the buildings that they jumped out of because of the fear of dying. So many lives died that day.

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