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You must know some of the world’s hottest women right? But we are sure that today guys are more interested in girls than women so we decided to let you know the hottest girls in the world. So in this regard we have come up with the list of ” Hottest Girl in The World 2017 ” None of us know much about hottest girls and that is may be because they are not as famous as women but not to worry because you will get to know everything about Hottest Girl in the world. And this list is latest. We know how curious you must be to know the hottest girls of the year 2017.

1- Amanda Cerny

So the number 1 spot goes to the one and only girl Amanda Cerny and she certainly deserves this place. She is just 26-year-old but she is as popular as any other female superstar. She is a model and vlogger. Be it Instagram, Facebook or YouTube she is equally popular everywhere. She has collaborated with many other renowned artists and just look at her. She is hot as hell guys. Perfect shape, perfect face, talent and everything else! Who doesn’t want to make out with her? obviously everyone does want her to be his girl.

2- Selena Gomez

Hey! We are sure you all guys know her because she is one of the hottest girls and very popular too. She is an actress and singer but famous for her scandals. Selena is also known because of Justin Bieber and you all know why. She is the next big thing for this world. Insanely talented and insanely hot then why should not she secure 2nd spot of her list the ” Hottest Women In The World 2017″. And what surprising is that she is just 24-year-old.

3- Taylor Swift

So hot and so popular. Every gut in the world loves her or her voice. Her songs are love. Taylor Swift is surely one of the hottest girls in this world. She is just 27 years old but every guy’s eyes are on her. How cool! She is also known for controversies. Famous for her relationships too! She is HOT!!!

4- Kate Upton

If not anything else you may know her for her nude photographs which were leaked on the internet. Kate Upton is truly stunning. She is just 24 years old but she is FIRE! She is an actress and model. And if we talk about her talent then just see her acting you will be amazed. Her green eyes are killing guys.

5- Behati Prinsloo

This Nimabian model is proud of all Nimabians. You can imagine her hotnes, talent and magic by her success that she was is the first model to be signed by Victoria’s Secret PINK. When she walks through the ramp everybody goes crazy. Her modeling skills are incredible and her style and hotness can kill anybody in the house. She is just 27 years old.

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